Troop 51 is the oldest operating Troop in the Longhouse Council. Established in 1912 it is officially just two years younger than the Boy Scouts of America. However, it’s history pre-dates even the BSA by at least a year with a Fayetteville-based “Scouting for Boys” organization started in 1909, based on the new British program of the same name. This organization became Troop 1 of Fayetteville in 1912, and eventually Troop 51 sometime in the late nineteen-teens. Troop 51 is the historical home of Stephen H. Porter, the 105th Eagle Scout (1914) in BSA history and we believe the first Scout in America to ever have earned all the Merit Badges available at the time of his enrollment. Please see our 5T1 History and Alumni page for more information and a collection of historical documents.

If you have historical photos or documents from Troop 1 of Fayetteville/Troop 51 please contact and/or email them to Scott Armstrong by clicking on his name. Thank you!

5T1 Historical Photo Archives