Oct 1, 6:30 pm

Dec 17, 6:30 pm

How to Properly Complete A Merit Badge:

  1. 1.SCOUT obtains permission to pursue a specific Merit Badge from the Scoutmaster and will get a unit leader signed Blue Card from him before beginning any work.

  2. 2.Scoutmaster or Asst. Scoutmaster will provide the SCOUT with a list of current counselors.

  3. 3.SCOUT is responsible for contacting and securing a counselor. Your counselor may be from another unit or a subject material expert outside of a Scouting unit. We encourage our Scouts to broaden their experiences with leaders outside of the Troop.

  4. 4.SCOUT and counselor arrange for meeting(s), observing YPT and two-deep leadership at all times.

  5. 5.SCOUT completes requirements, counselor signs-off on Blue Card; Blue Card is given by SCOUT to Assistant Scoutmaster for Advancement who then records advancement with appropriate offices/people.

  6. 6.Merit Badges are awarded at Courts of Honor, held 3-4 times per year.

A Note About Merit Badge Worksheets:

Officially the Boy Scouts of America discourages the worksheets that are widely used for Merit Badges. Their use discourages the interaction between the Scout and counselor which makes the Merit Badge experience unique and different than “homework.” While they are useful in a sense your counselor will likely want a more meaningful and interactive approach than simply turning in a pile of paperwork to be graded.


  1. Genealogy Merit Badge

Counselor: Scott Armstrong

MB Worksheets: Genealogy.pdf

Pedigree Chart.pdf

Family Group.pdf

    Please see Mr. Armstrong

    for details. Those

    interested should complete

    requirements 2A, 2B, 3, 6

    and 7 on your own now.

    We will be visiting the Main

    County Library in The

    Galleries downtown, stay

    tuned for details.

• Citizenship in the Community

  (Eagle Required)

Counselor: Scott Armstrong

Citizenship in the Community.pdf

Citizenship In The Community Req 3A 3B.pdf

• Citizenship in the Nation

  (Eagle Required)

Counselor: Scott Armstrong

Citizenship in the Nation.pdf

  1. Communication

   (Eagle Required)

Counselor: Scott Armstrong

Communications MB.pdf

   All Scouts should be

    working on their

    requirements. See Mr.

    Armstrong for sign-off.

• Wilderness Survival

Counselor: Mr. Nielsen

Wilderness Survival.pdf

A Board of Review is important to establish that the boys have properly prepared themselves for their next rank, are comfortable with their accomplishments and is a way for our leaders to ensure a quality Scouting program. Three adult leaders make-up the Board of Review, which takes about 20 minutes per candidate. Boards of Review may be requested at any time and are scheduled for the fourth Monday of each month. They must be  completed at least two weeks before a Court of Honor.

A Scoutmaster’s Conference is required for each rank advancement and must be completed prior to requesting a Board of Review. It is the SCOUT’s RESPONSIBILITY to request the Scoutmaster’s Conference and the Board of Review.

Key Advancement Links:

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Religious Emblems

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Advancement Resources

Current Merit Badge Offerings

(details, schedule and worksheets available to the right)

Want to earn something you don’t see?

JUST ASK THE ASM/Advancement!

Genealogy Merit Badge

For those interested in accurately tracing your family history.

Citizenship In The Community MB

Eagle Scout Badge required.

Communication Merit Badge

Eagle Scout Badge required. Learn to speak, write and listen effectively.

Citizenship In The Nation MB

Eagle Scout Badge required.

Wilderness Survival Merit Badge

Learn to survive in the wilderness with few resources and many challenges.