Summer Camp & Camping

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Campers must have all parts complete.


  Winter Cabin Camping Information

With winter weather being here 5T1 camp outs are in cabins.

While they provide a warm dry place, scouts should plan to be outside all day. Your scout will need extra dry clothes. As a parent you want your scout to be prepared, you may may be tempted to pack his stuff but it is important for him to do it himself so he will know what has and where it is.Better to lay it out and watch him do it. a small duffle bag and a day pack for his scout essentials is all that is needed.

A full change of clothes for every day should be planned.

Clothing: it is important to have a full change of clothes for ever day, dressing in layers to add or remove as needed. also extra hat, gloves, socks, boots and underwear.

Day time: Winter coat, snow pants, hat, gloves and rain gear may be needed.

Night time: It is important for your scout to fully change clothes before bed including socks and underwear. Not doing so leaves him in damp clothes which will become cold. With cabin cabin camping he will still good sleeping bag and maybe an extra blanket. (Most cabin have wood stoves and get cold at night when the fire goes out.) Pajamas or a sweat shirt and pants.Wearing a hat to bed also will keep you warm. (tip: Back plastic grocery bags for dirty close.)


Footwear: While as leaders we have seen scouts show up in sneakers or less for a camp outs, it is  necessary for him to have some kind of boots and second pair shoes (sneakers) as a backup and to wear in the cabins.

Troop 51 Cold Weather Tent Camping List


Troop 51 has a robust outdoor camping program. Scouts can expect to have a camping opportunity at least once every four weeks during the academic year and summer camp, high adventure, Adirondack hikes and National BSA camping opportunities during the summer months.

Standard Weekend Camping Information (unless changes are announced):   

  1. Scouts are expected to sign-up and pay $20 two meetings prior to the trip

  2. Scouts are expected to show-up properly prepared for the weather and activities

  3. Food shopping for each trip is at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday prior to the trip at the Dewitt/Fayetteville Aldi’s across from Wegman’s

  4. Check-in and departure for the trip is at 5:30 p.m. at the church

  5. Sunday a.m. return is arranged by individual car and passengers - either back to the church to meet parents or directly to homes

Link For Longhouse Council Boy Scout Camping Page:

Comprehensive Camping Packing Lists:

Camping Packing Lists.pdf

Link For Interactive Customized Packing Lists Based On Activity, Season and Climate:

We’re Returning to Sabattis Scout Reservation!

Week 2: July 14-20, 2019

Sabattis information:

Early Bird: Scout - $415 / Adult - $155 (due 3/25)

Regular Rate: Scout - $475 / Adult - $165 (dead line 4/29)

All new crossover Scouts are entitled to early bird pricing until 4/29.

Trailblazers: All first-year Scouts participate in our custom-designed Trailblazers program specifically for new and newer campers. Our top staff will take these new campers on a journey of discovery, adventure, fun and skill building. Scouts will complete requirements for Tenderfoot - Second Class ranks, some will start First Class Requirements. They will earn their choice of their first two Merit Badges. All Trailblazers will complete an exciting hike up Graves Mountain with its spectacular view of the 2,000 acres of Sabattis and beyond and participate in all Troop 51 evening and extra activities. Trailblazers sets new Scouts up for success and fun on our regular monthly camping trips. Trailblazers equips our newer campers with essential skills, builds confidence and introduces them to friends they will have for a lifetime.

Traditional Camp: Over 30 exiting Merit Badges to choose from plus at least 2 extra trips/activities, open shoots, evening activities, day trips, island overnight, socials, etc. (this would include most of our 2nd year and up Scouts). Order of the Arrow members will participate in a Sabattis Service Project and OA social.

Rocker Quest: 20 famous Adirondack & Sabattis destinations by hike, bike and canoe in 5 days. (for older Scouts in good physical condition)

Those that complete the Quest get the coveted 6” Rocker Quest back patch.

Off Your Rocker Quest: 6 remote Adirondack high adventure destinations (must have first completed Rocker Quest). Those that complete this Quest get the circular patch that fits around the 6” Rocker Quest back patch. This option will take you to some of the most remote wilderness locations in the Northeastern United States.

Trek: Take one of the eight Marmaduke Trek Center guided Adirondack adventures or design one of your own with the Voyager Staff. For the truly adventurous looking to maximize the Adirondack wilderness experience. (for older Scouts in good physical condition). Treks are by hike and/or canoe and range from 20 - 70 miles in 5 days. Each Trek includes a certified Sabattis Voyager Guide.