Order of the Arrow

Troop Representative: Connor A. / Adult Adviser: Scott Armstrong

Troop 51 & Order of the Arrow

Order of the Arrow is the national honor society of Scouting. The purpose of the Order of the Arrow is to give cheerful service to your Troop, Scouting and fellow man. OA members represent a commitment to living the Scout Oath and Law and are known for their advanced outdoor skills and camping experience.

Members of the Order of the Arrow can be recognized by the distinctive Lodge flap on the right breast pocket of their Scout uniform and the white OA sash which is only worn during Order activities.

Longhouse Council’s Lodge is called Lowanne Nimat - Brothers of the North. Besides a normal Troop experience OA members have Lodge activities, leadership development, service projects, OA-based camping experiences and events at the Section, Regional and National levels.

Lowanne Nimat Lodge is one of the top performing Lodges in the nation. In 2015, during the Centennial year of the Order, Lowanne Nimat won all three national OA awards - the only Lodge in the Northeast Region to do so. They repeated this “hat trick” in 2016, an amazing feat. They are a 2014 recipient of the National Service Award and a 2015 and 2016 recipient of the National Service Award, E. Urner Goodman Camping Award and the National Innovation Award.

You must be nominated by a simple majority of the vote of the Troop membership. Elections are held sometime during January-March each year. If elected you are considered a “candidate.” You must meet all eligibility standards and complete an Ordeal within a year of nomination.

Those interested in OA should speak with the OA Troop Representative Connor A.


  1. First Class Rank Scout under the age of 21

  2. A member of the BSA in good standing and demonstrates Scout Spirit

  3. 15 nights of camping in past two years (only 6 may be at summer camp)

  4. Elected by the Troop and approved by the Scoutmaster

  5. Complete an Ordeal within a year of election

  6. BSA registered adults age 21 and over that have met camping requirements and have skills deemed beneficial to the Lodge are eligible through nomination of the adult selection committee. All OA candidates regardless of age must complete an Ordeal.


OA Brotherhood Trail: March 25 Brotherhood Trail Registration 2017.pdf

NLS: April 21-23, 2017

Camp Spencer

Broad Creek Scout Reservation

Whiteford, Maryland

Unit Election for Troop 51

We welcome the Onondaga District

OA Election Team!

Monday, March 27 during the Troop meeting

Amangi Mawinsin “The Great Gathering” OA Spring Ordeal Induction, May 5-7, Camp Woodland. Candidates register with packet provided; Members register with this form: Amangi Mawinsin Registration 2017 (Revised).pdf

NE-3A Conclave, June 2-4, 2017

Camp Babcock Hovey

Registration: http://www.ne3a.org/conclave/

OA Vigil Weekend (Vigil Honor Members & Vigil Candidates only): June 10-11 Registration: Vigil Weekend 2017.pdf

Order of the Arrow Resources:

Lowanne Nimat Lodge:


Section NE-3A:


OA Northeast Region:


OA National:



Order of the Arrow provides its members with many opportunities for leadership training, high adventure and service to Scouting and the community. Our Scouts are experienced and have shown demonstrated camping ability. OA can take them to the next level. If you are looking for leadership excellence, friends from around the country and experience in training, communications, organizational management, budget and finance, and a lot of fun and adventure, the Order of the Arrow may be for you.

Lodge Executive Committee (LEC)

The LEC meets generally once per month and is the governing body of the Lowanne Nimat Lodge. All members are welcome. The LEC consists of the Lodge Chief, Vice Chief, Committee chairs, adult advisers and members at large who wish to attend.

Lodge Leadership Development (LLD)

The LLD is the Order’s national training program delivered at the Lodge level. An LLD is highly recommended for all Arrowmen. LLD training will help you hone many skills useful to your role in your unit and well as the Order. Those successfully completing an LLD receive a distinctive patch noting the achievement.

Council of Chiefs (Section NE-3A)

The Council of Chiefs is the Section governing body. All OA members and advisers in good standing are invited to attend. Section NE-3A consists of five Lodges including Lowanne Nimat.

Section NE-3A Conclave

The Conclave is the highlight of the Section activity each summer. Each of the five Lodges are in charge of a different section of Conclave. Conclave is a combination of training, fun, Scout activity and fellowship. Conclave rotates to facilities each year among the five Lodges in Section NE-3A.

National Leadership Seminar (NLS)

The NLS is the premier OA national training experience delivered at the Northeast Region level. Any Arrowman looking to advance his skill should strongly consider attending an NLS. Those successfully completing an NLS receive a distinctive patch noting the achievement.

National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC)

NOAC is second only in scope to a National BSA Jamboree. 2015 was our centennial and had over 15,000 Arrowmen attend at Michigan State Univerity. The next NOAC will be in 2018 at Indiana State University.

OA Summit Corps & High Adventure

Order of the Arrow offers many opportunities for service at The Summit as OA Summit Corps and OA Trek Guides. OA also offers specific opportunities for Arrowmen for national high adventure. Many of these experiences come with a substantial price discount for OA members. Please contact your Lodge LEC member or Lodge advisers if you are interested.

Order of the Arrow Active Member Roster - Troop 51:

Arrowmen: Kai W., Andrew C., Allen H., Asst. Scoutmaster Stefen Mina, Scoutmaster Chris Nielsen

Brotherhood: Connor A., Nathaniel A., Jacob D., Greg D., Matthew F., Joe H., Christian V., Jacob R.,

Brad H., Asst. Scoutmaster Tom Hall, Dr. Chris Fortner

Vigil Honor: Scott Armstrong

Contact the

Troop 51 OA Representative by clicking the patch!